The Successful Agile Leaders Series

Are you leading Agile teams? Are you aspiring to lead Agile teams in the future? Are you an Agile Practitioner? Leadership and Agility are not one-size-fits-all. Your specific point of view determines how you approach them and where you should focus.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Together, let's change how you look at things and how you lead forever!

The Leadership Channels 

The Successful Agile Leaders Series offers three different channels. You can focus on concerns specific to your role or broaden your horizons and understand Agile Leadership from multiple points of view.

1. The Agile for Leaders Channel:

This channel is for leaders working with teams during an Agile Transformation who need to understand how Agile changes leadership practices, behaviors, and responsibilities. The Agile for Leaders Channel provides the opportunity to understand the shift to Agile and how their role changes so they can lead effectively in an Agile environment.

Topics discussed: Creating an Environment for Agile to Thrive, How to Use Metrics Effectively, Successfully Navigating Change, and Full Utilization.

2. The Agile for Practitioners Channel:

For Agile professionals who want a deeper understanding of Agile techniques, the Agile for Practitioners Channel provides the opportunity to increase their Agile skills and learn how to avoid common Agile pitfalls so they can improve their mastery of Agile.

Topics discussed: Our Stories Are Too Big, What Should Go in My Backlog?, Scrum Anti-Patterns, Working with Your Product Owner, and Kanban Anti-Patterns.

3. The Next Gen Leaders Channel:

This channel is for those aspiring, emerging individuals early in their leadership journey or those who feel they’ve stalled in their careers. The Next Gen Leaders Channel provides the opportunity to understand the foundational skills, attributes, mindset, and responsibilities needed when transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader, upon which these individuals can then build an effective and successful leadership career.

Topics discussed: The 5 Levels of Leadership, Shifting from Contributor to Leader, Effective Habits of Emerging Leaders, What's More Important: Your Character or Reputation?, Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose, and Serving Others.


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