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Will You Open the Gift?

On your desk you find a gift box.  The box has a label on it.  It says “Contents: Productivity, Creativity, Energy, Emotional Health, Stress Relief, Memory, Better Relationships, Trust”.  Then you notice warning labels on the box.  Emblazoned in red are labels that say: “Unproductive, Waste of Time, Childish, Frivolous, Lazy, Useless, Worthless”.


As you compare the labels, you find out that the warning labels were put on by your boss, your friends, and your family.  Would you heed the red warning labels and return the gift unopened or would you open the gift and claim the contents?


If you opened the box, you would find inside a permission slip that says: “You have permission to play.”


“Play” is different for different people.  Play is really a state of mind.  It’s how you think about whatever activity you are doing that makes it “play” or not.  Generally,...

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The 7 Critical Things Leaders Must Give Their Teams During Times of Crisis

Leaders need to pivot in times of crisis and pivot quickly.  Your focus needs to be on getting your people through the difficult times.  There are seven critical things you need to give to your teams.

  • STRENGTH: You must be strong and steady without bravado or arrogance. People look to their leaders in times of trouble.  Remember, you set the tone.
  • TRUTH: You must be truthful and acknowledge the problem at hand. Do not minimize or inflate the situation.  They need to hear the information you have regarding the crisis.  Lack of information and openness breeds fear.  Be open and transparent.  Share the information you have with them.
  • OPENNESS: You must be human. Superheroes are for movies and comic books.  By showing your humanity you show your credibility.  Tell them how the crisis has impacted you personally.  Share your own concerns with them. This demonstrates that you are in this with them.
  • EMPATHY: You must express empathy for...
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