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Wake Up, Leaders: Your Approach to Motivation is Backfiring

Welcome to the jungle of corporate motivation, where the strongest survive and the weak...well, they just quit. So, let’s dive into the murky waters of motivation and leadership. Whether you’re an emerging leader finding your footing or an established leader looking to refine your approach, the harsh reality is that motivation is an inside job. You can’t inject it into your team like a caffeine shot on a Monday morning.

Motivation: The Myth of External Drive

Motivation is personal. It’s internal. You can’t package it up and hand it out with paychecks. This brings us to a brutally honest truth: You don’t motivate people. You hire motivated people. That might sound dismissive, but once you understand that motivation is not yours to give, it starts to make sense.

Creating the Right Environment: Are You Fueling or Draining Motivation?

You can’t force motivation, but you can create conditions that help it flourish. Let’s get down to the...

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